How to Adjust Office Chair for Good Sitting Posture | Simple Tips

How to Adjust Office Chair

Did you know that back pain is the most common health issue in the USA, accounting for 264 million lost workdays each year? It’s important to check fully adjustable chair ergonomic guidelines to ensure that your chair keeps you in a correct posture to prevent back pain. Making my office chair taller was a simple … Read more

Uplift V2 Bamboo Standing Desk | Is It #1 Stand up Model?

Uplift Bamboo Stand Up Desk

The UPLIFT bamboo stand up desk with 1” thick desktop and v2 frame has become increasingly popular in the industry. This heavily marketed solid bamboo desk is a direct competitor of the Fully Jarvis. But does it measure up? We’ve heard claims of it being the best in the industry, so we couldn’t wait to … Read more

11 Best Study Tables (2021) | #1 Home Desk [Buyer’s Guide]

Best Study Table

Students tend to bring their work home. But did you know that truly effective learning experience in a formal learning institution starts at home? That’s why it’s important to invest in the right tools. Studies show that productivity starts with a well-balanced and engaging workstation. If a child (or any learner for that matter) feels … Read more

Varidesk Pro Plus Series Review (2021) | TOP 3 Standing Desks!

Varidesk Pro Plus

Ever wanted a standing desk, but you’re stuck with an expensive, standard desk you’re not willing to give up? Varidesk offers a quick and easy solution to converting a standard desk into a top standing desk – the Pro Plus Series. This series of desk converters have a simple design that makes them easy to … Read more

8 Best Varidesk Alternatives & Competitors (2021) | #1 DESK!

Varidesk Alternatives

If you’re familiar with standing desks, you’ve probably heard of Varidesk. Perhaps one of the most recognized standing desk brands in the industry, Varidesk employs a variety of hard-hitting marketing tactics designed to drill recognition into the minds of potential clients. You’ve probably seen them on television, heard of them on the radio, or seen … Read more

Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron | Which Chair is BEST?

Steelcase Leap vs Aeron

It’s not easy to compare the Leap and the Aeron at first glance. They’re both manufactured by furniture giants and have very passionate supporters. That’s where I come in. My job is to help people buy furniture that fits their needs. My clients have all sorts of chronic health issues, unique preferences, and decors. I … Read more

10 Best L-Shaped Desks (2021) | #1 For Your Home or Office!

L-shaped desks are among the most popular desk types in the industry. Here’s why: They’re significantly cheaper than other desk shapes. They’re space-efficient. They are incredibly versatile. They allow for plenty of office space to work. That said, not all L-shaped desks are ideal. I often encounter clients who ask me for a list of … Read more

11 Best Lumbar Support for Office Chairs (2021) | Comfy Pillows

Best Lumbar Support for Office Chair

These days people sit a lot. And while office chairs have developed into ergonomic wonders, for the most part, not all of them offer you the right support you need. Yes, some chairs offer adjustable lumbar support, but even that isn’t a surefire solution to lower back pain and neck pain. That is why we’ve … Read more