8 Best Varidesk Alternatives & Competitors (2022) | #1 DESK!

Varidesk Alternatives

If you’re familiar with standing desks, you’ve probably heard of Varidesk. Perhaps one of the most recognized standing desk brands in the industry, Varidesk employs a variety of hard-hitting marketing tactics designed to drill recognition into the minds of potential clients. You’ve probably seen them on television, heard of them on the radio, or seen … Read more

7 Best Ergonomic Desks (2022) | Office Computer Workstations!

Best Ergonomic Desk

Whether you’re trying to build a home office for yourself, or you’re trying to boost productivity in your office, ergonomic desks are a great investment. In this article, we’ll be discussing 7 of the best ergonomic desks on Amazon and other retailers. I’ll also be sharing over 12 tips throughout this article for enhancing the … Read more

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There is nothing better than a good office chair. When you’re sitting at a desk for hours at a time, you need to take care of your back.  But getting the right office chair has more health implications than you may realize. Are you struggling with headaches, tense shoulders, blurry vision, backache, or cold toes? … Read more

10 Best L-Shaped Desks (2022) | #1 For Your Home or Office!

L-shaped desks are among the most popular desk types in the industry. Here’s why: They’re significantly cheaper than other desk shapes. They’re space-efficient. They are incredibly versatile. They allow for plenty of office space to work. That said, not all L-shaped desks are ideal. I often encounter clients who ask me for a list of … Read more

Varidesk Pro Plus Series Review (2022) | TOP 3 Standing Desks!

Varidesk Pro Plus

Ever wanted a standing desk, but you’re stuck with an expensive, standard desk you’re not willing to give up? Varidesk offers a quick and easy solution to converting a standard desk into a top standing desk – the Pro Plus Series. This series of desk converters have a simple design that makes them easy to … Read more

How to Adjust Office Chair for Good Sitting Posture | Simple Tips

How to Adjust Office Chair

Did you know that back pain is the most common health issue in the USA, accounting for 264 million lost workdays each year? It’s important to check fully adjustable chair ergonomic guidelines to ensure that your chair keeps you in a correct posture to prevent back pain. Making my office chair taller was a simple … Read more

Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron (2022) | Which One? [Compared]

Mirra 2 vs Aeron

Herman Miller has a reputation that precedes it. All its furniture pieces are top quality, innovative. However, not all of them may suit your needs. It’s essential to choose the best office chair that keeps you comfortable, and that fits your line of work. This article will teach you how to do that. You can … Read more