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Fully Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk Review for 2024 | Buying Guide!

There are several reasons a Jarvis standing desk can work for you.

It reduces the need for seating, helping you stay more active and reducing fatigue and pain caused by sitting all day.

The height-adjustable function also gives you the option to adjust the height to match your mood. If you feel like sitting, adjust it down to normal height.

Feel like using an exercise ball for a seat? Adjust the height a bit…

Feel like standing? The adjusts to a maximum standing H of 50.75” (1.29m).

This brand was designed by the online e-commerce brand Fully. Fully is an Oregon-based store that prides itself on affordable, ergonomic office furniture.

DeskFully was recently acquired by Knoll, in an attempt to broaden its market and available products.

This acquisition has not changed the Fully brand at all, though, which will still operate as an independent online store and brand.

That means all the standing desks you’ve heard about will still be just as affordable and reliable as they’ve always been.

Compared to other models in their class, Jarvis stacks up to be one of the best.

While more expensive desks offer better functionality and stability, it is a mid-range solution to making your office more active and dynamic.

Summary: Their standing desks are an affordable and trusted way to keep you active at work. Their adjustable height sit-stand desks allow you to find a height to match your mood. Fully still provides all the same services after being acquired by Knoll.

So, without further ado, here are how the different models stack up against each other:

Comparison Between Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Jarvis Models

All of their models use the same Jiecang base which has been stabilized with gussets and foot-to-leg connections. The Jarvis model also uses heavier feet for added stability.

Jarvis LogoThe base is entirely height-adjustable, by using either a handy toggle control that intuitively adjusts to arm motion or the remote control that allows you to enter preset heights.

The base is also transported in EPE-free, recycled packaging and is available separately from the tops. So, if you want to add your own top, you can do that too.

The base can comfortably hold and adjust a load of up to 350lbs (yes, you can jump on your desk and play if you’re bored), and adjusts from floor-seating height all the way through to a maximum H of 50.75”.

1. Fully Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo

It is by far the most popular desktop of all the Jarvis desktops.

A Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk is labeled as the most environmentally friendly option of a desk frame from Jarvis. The bamboo is sourced from plantations in China where the plants are grown without pesticides or fertilizer and left to reach full maturity for five years.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

This desktop is available in two color options – Natural or Dark Stain.

The stain used is an equally environmentally friendly water-based stain that accents the grain of the bamboo while adding a darker, more austere tone to the overall ensemble.

This will set you back an extra $105 though.

Both options are covered in a UV-cured, water-based, polyurethane coating to protect it from everyday spills and stains.

Starting from $439, this is an affordable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable option.

Summary: The Bamboo Top is the most popular of this brand. It’s available in 2 colors. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


2. Laminate Standing Desk

If recycling is your thing, this desk is just for you.

Jarvis Laminate Standing DeskThis Laminate desk is made with GREENGUARD, water, and scratch-proof laminate, which is available in six colors, and covers 100% recycled, heavy-duty, high-density particleboard.

And this is all held together with GREENGUARD-certified water-based adhesive that’s free from urea and formaldehyde.

Yes, this is as environmentally friendly as it comes!

It’s priced the same as the Bamboo option, starting at $439, with different sizes available.

Summary: Laminate Top is the most environmentally friendly option available.

It comes in six colors and varying sizes so you can choose an option that works best for you.


3. Whiteboard Stand-Up Desk

If you’re a doodler, this one’s for you!

The Whiteboard top is made from high-pressure laminate stuck to the same high-quality, recycled particle board used in the Laminate top.

Jarvis Whiteboard Stand Up Desk

In fact, it’s made by the same manufacturers as the Laminate tops, so it’s just as environmentally friendly (GREENGUARD certified).

The big difference? This laminate is easy to clean, so you can go ahead and scribble away on your desk as inspiration (or boredom) strikes! 

The price is also more, starting at $569 for the smallest of the three available sizes.

Key Take-Away: The Whiteboard top is GREENGUARD certified with the added bonus of being easy to clean.

It is a great option for creatives that love to scribble. But it is a bit more pricy than the normal Laminate top.


4. L-Shaped Desk

The L-Shaped desk is one of a kind design by Fully. It is designed for the corner office but comes with all the features of the standard standing desk.

The base consists of three feet, with a supporting cross-bar for extra stability. The supporting legs are tapered to widen at the bottom for even more support.

Jarvis L-Shaped DeskThree independent mechanisms move each of the standing legs in unison while the extra padding between the base and the top prevents vibration and noise.

Fully went all out on this model, even making two separate rectangular tops so the L can be assembled at either a left or right angle to match any corner space.

This model is available in three different top finishes, including their natural bamboo, two of their darker Laminate options, and four different frame colors.

With a starting price of $1249, it’s a bit more pricey than some of the other popular options, but it provides a lot more desk space with all the same features as the other options.

Summary: The L-Shaped model takes corner office spaces to a whole new level. The structure has been reinforced to ensure that the unit remains stable. The various frame color and top types offer a good choice.


5. Treadmill Desk

For the Treadmill Desk teamed up with LifeSpan Fitness Treadmills to create a workspace that will keep you moving.

The desktop is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, from natural bamboo to laminate, either standard or concave, in four different sizes (72” is recommended) – they made sure there is a variety of choices.

Jarvis Treadmill DeskThe treadmill comes as a separate component to the desk and includes a display and setting screen. 

The treadmill desk has some raving reviews, from being a good quality treadmill to helping people be more active, have more energy throughout the day, improve their posture, and even help them to lose weight.

The desk component works the same as all other desks and is not impeded by the treadmill.

Starting at $1529, this is an affordable option for you if you’re looking for a way to be even more active at your desk.

Summary: The treadmill desk is a great way to add even more action to your workday (which can make you more creative). It is well-priced for a treadmill desk and offers a variety of choices to suit your needs.

The only concern is that the treadmill adds extra H, so if you’re tall, you may have a problem reaching your desk.


History / About Fully Brand

It is an e-commerce store that stocks ergonomic office furniture, hence its first name ErgoDepot. They are based in Portland, Oregon, but ship nationwide. This includes free shipping to the lower 48 states. Some products are even available in Canada. 

While Fully was recently acquired by Knoll, they remain an independent online store. That means they will keep producing quality office furniture at an affordable price.

Fully CompanyOf all the office furniture, they stock their Jarvis standing desk is one of the most popular ranges. This range offers an affordable alternative to conventional “desking”. 

The designers Fully spent years designing, adjusting, and reinforcing the Jarvis desk. They took the feedback they got and improved their product.

Now they are one of the most trusted, affordable brands in the United States with “hundreds of thousands of happy customers”.

The end product is a workstation that is stable, sleek, and made to suit the user’s every need. Whether you need a desk at floor level or standing at full height, it is designed to suit your needs.

These needs include allowing the versatility to be more active during your workday and keeping the sedentary lifestyle that leads to so many health problems at bay.

Summary: It is the highest-rated model in its class. While Fully has been acquired by Knoll, they are still an independent company, focused on keeping customers happy and ratings high.



With a starting price of $439 on most models, It is known as a well-priced, mid-range model, but with an increase in size or change in design or color the price can rise considerably. The average price is around $630.


Free in the lower 43 States


7-Year WarrantyFully offers a very competitive 7-year warranty on their frame, electronics, and moving parts, but no warranty on the desktop.


26.5″ (base only)


45.75” (Base only)


350 lbs.


There are a variety of lift types:

  • Electric, 
  • Crank
  • 2-segment
  • 3-segment
  • 2-leg
  • 3-leg


The height range adjusts at 1.3″ per second


60 dB


Two standard Jiecang options are available: a two-button up/down the controller or a digital controller that can program four height presets.


It depends entirely on the model you choose. It can be small enough for a child too large enough to accommodate an entire home office.


It depends on the type of desktop and model. Each type has different color options. Some models have color options for the base as well.




It’s a standard Chinese JieCang base. While Fully has made some adjustments and modifications to the base, especially the feet, this is a standard, relatively cheap, Chinese base used by most of its competitors.

Lots of people have been complaining about the error codes that keep appearing on the preset remote.

Chinese JieCang baseOther than that, Fully has improved the stability of the standard JieCang base slightly.

They use a heavier footing, and some of their desks have added cross-bars for added stability.

But, this doesn’t stop the desk from starting to wiggle at heights above 40”. This is a bit concerning if you opt for the treadmill, as you’d need as much stability as you can get. 

The legs can also be overly lubricated, which can smear off on your clothing if you aren’t careful. Not something you want to deal with on a busy day at work.

There are two more problems. The nuts and bolts don’t lock. In other words, as your desk moves up and down, there is a very real chance that it will, one day, just fall apart.

Nobody knows when this day will come but with every movement, the tension… well, in this case, it lessens. A simple answer is purchasing some Loctite.

The final issue we have with the base… It doesn’t have overload protection. If your desk exceeds the 350lbs weight limit and you do not realize this and make the mistake of using the lift, it will burn out.

Chinese JieCangOn top of this, Fully give a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs, but JieCang, the manufacturer, puts the maximum weight capacity at 281lbs.

So, yes, you can jump on your desk and see-saw up and down when you’re bored, but the motor will burn out relatively quickly.

Also, keep in mind that the maximum weight lifting capacity excludes the weight of the desk-top If you’ve opted for a large, dense hardwood top…

Well, you may not be able to use all that space without risking going over the weight limit.

Summary: The base is not the best, but Jarvis has done its best to make it more stable. Unfortunately, electronics do not always live up to expectations, and the weight capacity is misleading. Overall it isn’t a bad base, but it’s not the best either.

Chinese versus American Components

As you can see from the description above, a Chinese base is not the best option. It offers a cheaper final product, but with the low cost comes lower quality.

Compared to American-made bases, it underperforms in most areas, including stability and ease of use of electronics. 

For their tops, it has a wide variety to choose from, most of them made in the US. The recycled hardwood has been discontinued as it tended to warp or crack.

Chinese versus AmericanAs for the Laminate tops, they are not made from outstanding quality laminate, and sometimes they do get some moisture damage through the gaps that are possible around the edges. But they are more environmentally friendly than the bamboo option…

Did you know, bamboo is not such a sustainable crop after all? So while the Bamboo Standing Desk is the most popular desk from Jarvis, it is NOT the most environmentally friendly.

The solution to these options is a hardwood top. If you order this from Jarvis, it adds an extra $750 to the price of the base alone.

Taking this into consideration, it may be cheaper to buy some hardwood, smack on a layer of oil or varnish, and have an American-made desktop for less than $300…

Summary: Expect what you pay for in the electronics department, where American-made is better than Chinese. But, when it comes to the tops, Bamboo is probably the most affordable option you’ll find. Not sustainable, though… In other words, sourcing your own top is probably the best option.


Compared to competitors, Jarvis offers a very good warranty.

It’s valid for seven years, which is much longer than any competing brand.

30-Day Returns PolicyBut, the warranty is only valid for the electronics and base, not the tops. Given that they have had some negative feedback on their tops, this is slightly concerning in the long run.

Again, a privately sourced top might be a good option…

Luckily they offer a 30-day returns policy, so if any of the products you purchased arrive broken or defective, you can return them within 30 days for a replacement or full refund.

Like shipping, returns are free in the lower 48 states.

Summary: The 7-year warranty is only valid on the electrical components, not the desktop. The 30-day returns are free in the lower 48 states. This puts Jarvis a step above its competition, but sourcing a private desktop is advised.

How to Assemble?

Assembly is easy. 

It comes with a full set of instructions and all the screws, bolts, and nuts you will need.

You will, however, need some tools to put it together, and getting some lock-tight will help keep your Jarvis desk more stable in the long run.

Customization Options (Upgrades / Add-ons)

Fully offers a range of custom options and add-ons for their electric standing desks. If you opt to add these to your desk purchase you get a “bundle discount”.

Jarvis Desk Customization

Besides the standard custom options available for each model here are some of the add-ons you can include in your purchase:

Nine different anti-fatigue mats and balance boards to keep you more active as you stand.

Eight different seating choicesthat are designed to keep you moving even when you sit.

Six different monitor arms to make sure your monitor is at the right height for you.

Six wire-taming options to keep your desk neat, tidy, and safe.

A desk drawer to keep your papers and flat-files in one safe place.

Two options for CPU holders, swivel, or standard.

A desk lamp with a clip or a standing base available in black or white.

A file cabinet, available in four different colors.

Summary: It offers a range of optional add-ons at a discount when purchased with your workstation.

User Standing Desk Reviews & Feedback

User reviews range from good:

Sedentary job no more! – I LOVE my treadmill desk. I’m able to add 10 miles to my training during the workday easily. I no longer hit that afternoon slump. My body naturally wants to move, and my Jarvis treadmill desk is the cure to the stationary blues! – Stacy L.

Customer Review

The arm structure below is not stiff enough to prevent front-to-back wobble of the top. Yes, if assembled it correctly. Just unacceptable for a working desk.

What to do now? Money spent, the old desk is gone, and I need to get to work. This misses the mark.

Pretty disappointing. It also arrived with a 4″ stretch of a really rough edge at the top front radius where it had been filled with putty and not sanded and finished properly.”

In between, there are reviews about cheap add-ons, bad customer service, and problems with returns.

All in all, you must take into consideration the fact that the reviews are, for the most part, really good with more than 80% of them being five stars.

Where are New Jarvis Desks Made?

All over the globe.

The base and electronics are made in China. 

The tops are made in a variety of places, including China and the States. One of the Hardwood options is made in Oregon close to the base of the Fully store.

And then, of course, you assemble them in your own home 😉

How Long Should You Stand at a Desk?

Sitting ay your desk all day can be detrimental to your health and authorities have been encouraging people to stand at their desks and workstations for 15 minutes every hour. University of Waterloo professor’s research shows that we should be standing for a minimum 30 minutes every hour to get maximum health benefits.

The easiest way to do that is to sit down at your standing desk (and remember that working standing up hurts more than sitting). And if you can’t stand up at your desk, use a chair that can be tilted back and raised or that offers adjustable legs. Just make sure your feet are in front of you when you work at your computer. If your chair allows it, standing on an exercise ball or trolley can keep your feet in place.

The health risks of standing for too long are well-documented as well. The only solution is to put your butt in an ergonomically perfect chair or chair with footrests says the Mayo Clinic. The easiest way to do that is to sit down at your workstation (and remember that working standing up hurts more than sitting). And if you can’t stand up at your desk, use a chair that can be tilted back and raised or that offers adjustable legs.

Just make sure your feet are in front of you when you work at your computer. If your chair allows it, standing on an exercise ball or trolley can keep your feet in place. How much standing do I need to do? Don’t go overboard. Mayo Clinic estimates that if you stand and walk at least eight hours per day at work, you probably won’t have too much of an impact on your health.

What is a Carbonized Bamboo Desk?

UPLIFT Desk - V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

Carbonizing bamboo is similar to caramelizing sugar. 

The bamboo is heated until it turns a darker color. This is supposed to “cure” the bamboo, strengthening it as well as adding a richer color.


What is a Normal Desk Height?

For the average person, a normal height is anywhere between 28” and -30”. If you are shorter than 5’8” or taller than 5’10” you should technically adjust the height of your desk accordingly.

A standard desk is, however, between 28” and -30”.

Are Uplift Desks Worth It?

The Uplift desk from Herman Miller manages to pack in a lot of functions without being too obtrusive. And while, perhaps, some desk configurations would take advantage of the full breadth of its features (to be fair, you can customize most elements of the desk and attach different add-ons), this Uplift desk in particular, especially for an office setting, might be more useful for those already familiar with the workstation type.

For example, the dedicated power-cable management rack and top-shelf storage space is an excellent add-on. The pair of four-foot arms are sturdy and tall enough for almost all monitors, giving you the option to place them exactly where you want them (meaning you can run monitors into the middle of the desk) or to have some space between them to maximize the usable workspace.

Discovered Issues?

I’ve already discussed the issues in detail under the relevant headings above, but here’s the key summary of things to be aware of before purchasing a Jarvis:

It gets a bit wobbly at heights exceeding 40”

No cross support on most models.

Electronics aren’t the best.

Legs can be messy as they have too much lubrication on them.

No locking bolts, making the wobble worse over time.

No overload protection, so it’s possible to burn out the motor quite easily.

While most of these problems have simple solutions, you may not want to have to deal with these problems. 

About Uplift v2

Want to work out while standing instead of sitting down? A good standing desk is a must-have for people who are serious about their health. But if you don’t have the cash to invest in one, you can still reap many of the health benefits of a good workstation by using a fitness tracking console instead. The Uplift v2 Controller lets you track your steps and the time you spend standing, as well as how you’re sleeping, working out, and more. It’s regularly priced at $125.99, but right now, you can pick it up for just $99.99 — a savings of 17% off the original price. The Uplift v2 Controller lets you track your steps, the time you spend standing, and more.

It has a high-tech sensor that monitors your activity by connecting wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth. Its LCD screen can also show you the time, the number of steps you’ve taken, and even what distance you have covered. Plus, it displays your daily step count and lets you call up the steps you’ve taken over the past seven days to see how far you’ve come. Because the Uplift v2 is so flexible and customizable, you can outfit it with different colored displays so that you can easily see what the status is on various activities, as well as different colors to indicate whether you are standing, or sitting, or lying down. The real power comes into play when you use the optional Uplift Switch, which replaces the handle on your current.

Is the Jarvis Desk Stable?

When you order the Jarvis Desk on Indiegogo, you can get a pledge starting at $949. That’s a pricey price tag, considering most other standing desks start at $350. The reason it costs so much is that it’s made by talented engineers, hand-carved with careful attention to detail, and crafted from walnut. A few small technical points: its base is specially designed to be easy to move, and stands up at an angle. With careful height adjustment of the angles, the base is sturdy enough to sit or stand on without tipping or losing its position. Unlike most other standing desks, Jarvis stands up on casters that can be moved, even over the carpet or other smooth surfaces, without harming your flooring.

Is Jarvis Desk Wobbly?

Jarvis Desk Wobbly: Should you see a doctor? Not likely. Experts say if you’ve experienced a wobble in your mobile desk, it’s probably time for a new desk. Why it matters to you If you’re feeling unsteady at work or in your daily routine, you could be suffering from a more serious condition.

Stress, irregular sleep, and jet lag: we all get it, but it doesn’t always mean you’re showing signs of poor health. Unfortunately, for most of us, these can often be down to everyday stressors, including tasks at work. But if you’re suddenly feeling weak or unsteady, it could actually be a sign of a more serious issue. And if the wobbliness is accompanied by signs such as sweating and nausea, you should consider getting to the doctor.

Who Manufactures Jarvis Desk?

The Jarvis Desk was manufactured by Jarvis Desk Corporation, which was founded in 1958 by Frank Jarvis, a retired lawyer. It is now owned and operated by his two children. However, they started designing in 1960 and it took him about five years to develop it. During that time, he was working at a college and used his work days to design the product.

In 1963, the Corporation was incorporated as a registered corporation and its business was to manufacture and sell office furniture. Since then, the company has launched a lot of Jarvis Desk products. Over the years, they have become very popular, and their products were accepted in more than 400 school districts in the United States. Over the years, they have manufactured desks, lockers, filing cabinets, shelving units, and filing cabinets.

Chinese Versus American Componentry

Any standing desk must feature a high-quality height-adjustable mechanism and electronics to be effective. The Jarvis standing desk, for example, supplies superior performance with its base made by Jiecang of China; this commodity is the foundation upon which everything else stands (literally!).

The Jiecang base is the platform of choice for numerous standing desk retailers, as it can be acquired in bulk at a low cost. This reliable business has been active on the market for quite some time and typically sells to online ergonomic retailers who want to create their very own exclusive range of desks – like Fully does.

All resellers combine the Jiecang base with various desktop options to develop their workstation systems. Most of the frame parts are normally accessible, but custom foot molds and graphics alterations to the hand controller must be paid for by Jiecang’s resellers since these two elements would stick out most easily in a photograph.

The Jarvis and UpLift are quite similar, with only slight aesthetic variations like the graphic designs on their hand controllers. At the core, they both utilize a Jiecang base from China.

The Jarvis is a mid-priced option between the cheaper IKEA Bekant, Autonomous SmartDesk, and StandDesk Pro at one end of the spectrum, and high-end American desks such as iMovR Energize, Lander, and Lander Lite or Humanscale Float Table on the other. Its closest rival in terms of pricing would be UpLift Standing Desk from TheHumanSolution — both also sell their standing desk frames for those who prefer to build their own look.

Are there any tangible dissimilarities between the two sellers’ bases? Yes, it all lies in their distinct designs. We painstakingly tested UpLift Standing Desk Frame and found that TheHumanSolution created some of the most lightweight aluminum feet seen on a standing desk – this weakened its stability but made it more cost-efficient when shipping. According to Fully, their heavy feet reduce the desk’s center of gravity, thereby creating greater stability.

Is Fully Jarvis Desk Worth It?

Investing in a Fully Jarvis Desk is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable standing desk. Not only does this workstation boast of its sturdy build and silent operation, but it also offers extensive customization options with the support of its seven-year warranty – meaning that you can be sure your investment will last! While more pricey than other alternatives on the market, opting for a Fully Jarvis Desk ensures you are investing in quality and longevity.

It is essential for those who invest long hours working at a desk to have one that reduces neck and back strain. Luckily, this desk comes in various sizes and finishes so users can easily find the perfect model that fits their workspace and preference.

Is Fully Jarvis Shutting Down?

Yes, Fully Jarvis is shutting down. The company announced that it will be closing at the end of April 2023. This decision marks the conclusion of Fully Jarvis’s operations in the specified timeframe.

How Long Do Standing Desks Last?

The lifespan of a standing desk can vary based on several factors, including the quality of the desk, the materials used in its construction, the frequency of use, and the level of maintenance. On average, a well-constructed and properly maintained standing desk can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more.

The durability of the desk largely depends on the quality of its components, such as the frame, motor (if electric), and moving parts. Higher quality materials, such as sturdy metals and robust mechanisms, tend to have a longer lifespan. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating moving parts, can also extend the desk’s longevity.

The frequency of use plays a significant role. If a standing desk is used extensively throughout the day, its components will experience more wear and tear. On the other hand, desks that are used infrequently may last longer.

Electric standing desks, which have motorized components for adjusting height, may have a slightly shorter lifespan due to the wear and tear on the motor and electrical components. However, advancements in motor technology and better manufacturing processes have led to more reliable electric standing desks.

It’s important to note that warranties provided by manufacturers can give some insight into the expected lifespan of a standing desk. A longer warranty often indicates greater confidence in the desk’s durability.

To extend the lifespan of a standing desk, regular maintenance is key. This includes cleaning the desk to prevent dust and debris from affecting moving parts, checking for loose screws or bolts, and addressing any issues promptly.

In conclusion, the lifespan of a standing desk can range from 5 to 10 years or more, depending on factors such as build quality, materials, frequency of use, and maintenance. Investing in a well-constructed desk, following proper maintenance practices, and considering warranties can all contribute to maximizing the desk’s longevity.

How Do I Program My Jarvis Standing Desk?

Programming a Jarvis standing desk is a straightforward process, allowing you to customize its height and other settings to suit your ergonomic preferences. To do this, you’ll need to follow a few precise steps:

  1. Initialize the Desk: Begin by ensuring your Jarvis standing desk is properly connected to a power source and the control panel is functional. Once powered up, the desk is ready for programming.
  2. Set Default Height: To establish a default sitting height, press and hold the ‘M’ button on the control panel. The desk will move up and down until it reaches the desired height. Once achieved, release the ‘M’ button. This setting becomes your default sitting height.
  3. Set Default Standing Height: Similarly, to set your default standing height, press and hold the ‘M’ button and adjust the desk’s height using the up and down buttons. Release the ‘M’ button when the desk reaches your preferred standing height. This will be your default standing position.
  4. Program Memory Presets: Jarvis standing desks often come with memory preset options. To program these, locate the numbered buttons (commonly labeled ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, etc.) on the control panel. To set a memory preset, first adjust the desk to your desired height using the ‘M’ button and the up/down buttons. Then, press and hold the desired number button until the desk briefly moves to confirm the setting.
  5. Recall Memory Presets: To effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions, simply press the corresponding number button for your saved memory preset. The desk will automatically adjust to the programmed height.
  6. Lock or Unlock Settings: Many Jarvis standing desks have a lock/unlock function to prevent accidental height adjustments. To activate the lock, press and hold the ‘Lock’ button. When locked, the control panel will display a lock icon, and no height adjustments can be made until you unlock it by pressing the ‘Lock’ button again.
  7. Explore Additional Features: Jarvis desks may come with other features, such as anti-collision technology, which senses and avoids obstacles while adjusting height. Refer to your user manual for more information on these advanced functions.

Remember to consult your desk’s specific user manual for precise instructions, as different models may have slight variations in their programming processes. By following these steps, you can ensure your Jarvis standing desk is programmed to meet your ergonomic needs, enhancing your comfort and productivity while working.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Assemble Fully Jarvis Desk?

The time it takes to assemble a Fully Jarvis Desk depends on various factors, including individual experience with furniture assembly, familiarity with the instructions, and the presence of any additional tools. On average, assembly of the Fully Jarvis Desk typically takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The assembly process involves several steps, including attaching the legs to the frame, connecting the control panel, and securing the desktop. These tasks require attention to detail and may vary in complexity depending on the specific model of the Jarvis Desk.

Factors that can affect assembly time include the complexity of the desk model, the presence of additional accessories or customization options, and any unforeseen challenges encountered during assembly.

Individuals with prior experience assembling furniture or mechanical devices may complete the process more quickly than those who are less familiar with assembly procedures. Additionally, having access to the necessary tools, such as screwdrivers and wrenches, can streamline the assembly process and reduce overall time.

Following the provided assembly instructions carefully and methodically can help ensure a smooth assembly process and minimize the risk of errors or delays. Taking breaks as needed and allowing sufficient time for each step can also contribute to a successful assembly experience.

What is the Weight Limit for the Fully Desk?

The weight limit for the Fully Desk, specifically the Jarvis Desk model, varies depending on the specific configuration and size of the desk. However, as a general guideline, the Fully Jarvis Desk typically has a weight capacity ranging from 150 to 350 pounds (68 to 159 kilograms).

The weight limit is influenced by several factors, including the materials used in construction, the design of the desk’s frame and legs, and the type of desktop surface selected. For example, desks with a heavier-duty frame and thicker desktop materials tend to have higher weight capacities compared to lighter-weight models.

To ensure optimal performance and safety, it is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended weight limits and guidelines. Exceeding the specified weight capacity may compromise the structural integrity of the desk, leading to potential damage or failure over time.

Additionally, factors such as the distribution of weight across the desk surface and the stability of the supporting structure can affect the desk’s overall weight-bearing capacity. Evenly distributing weight and avoiding placing excessive loads on specific areas of the desk can help prolong its lifespan and prevent damage.

Before loading the desk with heavy equipment or objects, individuals should carefully review the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines to ensure that they are within the recommended weight limits. This proactive approach can help maintain the functionality and durability of the Fully Desk while minimizing the risk of structural issues or accidents.

Jarvis Desk Review: Final Words

This model is an excellent standing desk option on a tight budget. It has some rave customer reviews, but there are also some pitfalls when buying the “cheaper” alternative. You can also add an additional Cable Management Solution Kit (sold separately). If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, try converters.

Jarvis Desks Made in ChinaA lot of people prefer the UpLift desk over the Jarvis.  UpLift is the closest competitor to Jarvis and the best standing desk converters available based on my tests.

They both use the same base from JieCang in China, but there is one key difference. And it makes all the difference when it comes to the best standing desks.

UpLift has opted for a very lightweight foot on its base. This is to keep costs and shipping down, but it comes at a (different) price.

The lighter foot makes the UpLift baseless stable than, the more solid, heavier Jarvis base. Because the key to an excellent model is, in fact, its stability, this makes the Jarvis desk a better option.