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11 Best Lumbar Support Pillows for Office Chairs (2020) | Seat Cushions!

These days people sit a lot. And, while office chairs have developed into ergonomic wonders, for the most part, not all of them offer you the right support you need.

Yes, some chairs offer adjustable lumbar support, but even that isn’t a surefire solution to lower back pain and neck pain.

That is why we’ve selected the top 11 brands to help you get the proper posture you need to be more productive and happy, whenever you take a seat.

Review Summary:

  • 1. LoveHome
  • 2. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion
  • 3. Vertteo
  • 4. Ziraki Lumbar Pillow Back Support
  • 5. Castle Bulwark
  • 6. Everlasting Comfort
  • 7. Fellowes Professional Series Back Support
  • 8. 5 Stars United
  • 9. Samsonite SA5243
  • 10. ComfiLife
  • 11. DMI

Best Lumbar Support for Office Chair Models (2020)

We’ve selected the top picks of 11 best back support for office chair in terms of comfort, durability, and practicality.

1. LoveHome – Best Lumbar Pillow


The LoveHome lumbar cushion has 2 straps that hold the pillow in place. It also has a convenient breathable mesh cover that improves air circulation and can be easily removed to wash.

This is a very affordable and highly effective cushion that is versatile and convenient to use.

Supportive and Portable Lumbar Support Cushion – This model has ergonomically streamlined foam with just the right amount of giving to shape to the natural curve of your spine, helping you to achieve correct spinal alignment and posture to help alleviate pain and numbness associated with prolonged hours of sitting.

Two Straps – The cushion is held in place with two adjustable straps, making it more secure and versatile. It can be used for a chair, or even armchairs and sofas. An extension strap is also included.

Breathable Mesh Cover – It is breathable and removable so you can pop it in the wash easily.

60-Day Return Policy – The vendor has a 60-day “love it or return it” policy.

  • Memory Foam
  • Removable Mesh Cover
  • 60-Day Returns Policy
  • Can flatten quickly
  • Vendor does not always honor return policy.

Key Takeaway: This is a good buy for the price. If you’re heavier or have a heavy seat this pillow may wear faster than expected and returns aren’t guaranteed. Otherwise, it offers comfortable, sturdy support with a conveniently removable cover.


2. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion – Best Seat Cushion For Good Posture


The contouring seat cushion and supportive lumbar pillow in this set from SOFTaCARE® will help improve your posture while giving you a comfortable seat.

The seat cushion has a space for your coccyx, for added comfort if you suffer from an injury or painful coccyx or a herniated discs in the lower spine that causes sciatica.

Do be warned that the seat memory foam cushion can stain lighter furniture.

2-Piece Set – The two-piece set is designed to work together to give you a comfortable seat with an anatomically shaped seat cushion and a supportive lumbar pillow.

Non-Slip – The seat memory foam cushion has a non-slip bottom to ensure it stays in the right place while you work.

Easy to Transport and Clean – There is a handle attached to the set t make it easy to transport anywhere, while the removable covers are convenient and easy to wash. The seat cushion fits most seats, including cars and airplanes, while the back pillow can be attached to most free-standing seatbacks.

Memory Foam – The excellent material is designed to last for years without losing its bounce.

Returns Policy – If you aren’t satisfied you can return the product for a full refund.

  • 2-Part Set
  • High-Quality
  • Removable Covers
  • Returns Policy
  • Too squishy for some.
  • Can stain lighter furniture.

Key Takeaway: This is a very effective set, but the is too soft for some. In other words, it squashed down and becomes too hard for some people. Its also been known to stain lighter furniture. Otherwise, it is a excellent set that will help improve your back problem effectively.


3. Vertteo – Good For Sciatica Pain

Vertteo Full Lumbar Back Support Pillow

The Vertteo is made from 100% molded foam to support the full length of your spine.

Unlike other pillows, this one supports the upper back as well, which helps relieve pressure on the lumbar spine and alleviate pains associated with sciatica.

This is a posture protector that has been designed with the help of chiropractors to not only relieve back pain but prevent it from happening in the first place.

Chiropractic Design – The back pillow extends up to support the thoracic spine to give more relief to the lumbar area and help improve and support a healthy spine and relieve pain including arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, scoliosis, stenosis, spondylosis, herniated vertebral disc, pressure on the vertebrae, mild sacral injury and strain, fatigue or soreness from pregnancy.

Multipurpose – The cushion fits all types of seats, including chairs, cars, trucks, boats, sofas, or kitchen, and patio chairs. It works in any type of seat you use on a regular basis.

High Quality – The 100% pure molded memory foam ensures a firm, comfortable backrest while the elastic strap and secure claps are long enough to keep the cushion secure on any type of chair.

Removable Cover – The soft faux fur cover is removable and washable.

Returns Policy – The 30-day returns policy and 1-year free replacement warranty ensure that you get your money’s worth without any risk of losing out.

  • Full Back Support
  • Removable Cover
  • Returns Policy
  • Not great for taller/heavier people

Key Takeaway: This is a good option if you suffer from severe sciatica as it supports the entire length of your spine and not only the lumbar spine. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the product diminishes as the weight and height of the user increases. Best suited to people shorter than 5’5” and lighter than 140lbs.


4. Ziraki Lumbar Pillow Back Support – Best for Lower Back Pain Relief

Ziraki Pillow

The Ziraki offers instant pain relief and supportive comfort. This is a slightly harder lumbar pillow that most, which offers more sturdy support giving better pain relief.

It also helps your productivity, whether at home, in the car, or in the office.

Molded Memory Foam – The sturdy cushion soothes and supports your lumbar spine helping to increase productivity and comfort while you sit.

Improves Posture – The lumbar pillow helps to straighten and correct spinal allignment, which can lead to lower back pain and neck pain (strain).

Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can return the product for a 100% reimbursement.

Traveling Bag – The clear, lightweight travel bag allows you to take your Ziraki with you anywhere you go.

  • Sturdy
  • Travel Bag
  • Money-Back Guaranty
  • Too hard for some

Key Takeaway: This is a very sturdy foam, which offers unparalleled support, but that can be too hard for some people. It’s very good for relieving pain and strain, but not exactly the most comfortable.


5. Castle Bulwark – Best for Middle and Upper Back

Castle Bulwark

The Castle Bulwark is made from soft memory foam that is very comfortable. It’s also a full length back pillow, offering support for the middle and upper back as well as the lumbar spine.

This is best suited for upper, and mid-back support as the lumbar back support is quite soft, so it doesn’t hold the lumbar spine in place as well as some harder pillows.

Soft Memory Foam – The soft foam is somewhat supportive and very comfortable, especially for the mid to upper back.

Durable – The excellent foam contours to the shape of your back and bounces back every time.

S-Shaped – The orthopedic wave shape with added support promotes a healthy back and relieves upper back strain effectively.

Removable Cover – It is washable and made from 100% vegan, soft polyester.

Adjustable Straps – The adjustable strap holds the cushion in place. A strap extension is also included for wider seatbacks.

  • Removable Cover
  • Full Back Support
  • Soft
  • It can be too soft for some.
  • Strap extension is too short for very large chairs such as bulky recliners.

Key Takeaway: This is a softer pillow that provides adequate support to the lumbar spine ut is best used for upper and mid-back pain relief and comfort. If you’re planning on using it for a very large chair you will need extra strapping.


6. Everlasting Comfort – Best for Car

Everlasting Comfort

This pillow has 2 straps that can adjust to fit around a chair or car seat to keep the cushion in the optimum position when you drive.

It has been tested and works really well in cars, but can also be used on other types of seats such as desk chairs, airplanes, even sofas.

Multiple Uses – This cushion can be used on wheelchairs, couches, car seats, or airplanes as well as desk chairs. It can also be used in various areas of the chair back, thanks to the two straps. It stays in place for upper and mid-back support, as well as lumbar roll.

Good Quality – The cushion is made from excellent material, the same material as some of the world’s leading foam products.

Two Adjustable Straps – Unlike most other cushions, this one has two straps for increased stability.

Lifetime Replacements – The warranty extends indefinitely, so if anything goes wrong with your cushion, you will receive a new one.

Hypoallergenic Removable Cover – The breathable cover is hypoallergenic and improves airflow. It can also be easily removed for a machine wash.

  • Two Straps
  • Multiple Uses
  • Removable Cover
  • Lifetime Replacements
  • Quite big, so difficult to attach to narrower chairs.
  • Very ungiving.

Key Takeaway: This is a good option if you spend a lot of time in your car, but not such a good option if you have a narrow desk chair. It is also quite hard and large, which doesn’t make it very comfortable, but it is very supportive.


7. Fellowes Professional Series – Best Ergonomic Supports for Office Chairs

Fellowes Back Support

The Fellowes back support pillow has a 3-way attachment point system, making it one of the sturdiest lumbar supports.

This is a great benefit if you have a busy office job where you need to move around in your chair or stand up often.

This model does, however, not fit bigger or high-back office chairs very well. It’s best for mid-back office chairs with a relatively slim backrest.

Mid Foam Lumbar Support Cushion – The four pure memory foam lumbar cushion sections respond to the weight and warmth of your back, supporting the mid-back as well as the lumbar spine with foam that conforms to the natural curves of your spine.

Tri-Tachment System – The two side and one top attachment eliminate the need to readjust the pillow every time you move in your chair, it stays in place even when you don’t.

  • Lower and Mid-Back Support
  • Sturdy
  • Doesn’t fit bigger chair backs.

Key Takeaway: If you have a mid-length office chair and you’re busy at your desk a lot, this is a good option for lower and mid-back support. However, if you have a bigger office chair, with a high back, the Tri-Tatchment system probably won’t fit your chair.


8. 5 Stars United – Best Orthopedic Seat Cushion5 Stars United

This pillow by 5 Stars United offers the best orthopedic back support. It extends all the way up to the mid-back for full support, relieving strain and stress of the lower spine.

The orthopedic design increases blood flow, prevents muscle fatigue, and reduces pain and stress while improving your posture.

Lumbar Supports – The ergonomic design provides you with the additional support you need to maintain a healthy back throughout a long workday.

High-Quality – The pillow insert is made from 100% memory foam that conforms to the shape of your spine to offer better pressure relief.

Removable Cover – The removable cover improves air circulation to keep you cool, and can be easily removed to wash.

Two Straps – The two elasticated straps fit securely on any type of chair, including computer chairs, car seats, and airplane seats.

100% Money-Back Guarantee – If you’re unsatisfied by your purchase for any reason you can return the cushion for a 100% money-back refund.

  • Full-Back Support
  • Orthopedic Design
  • Removable Cover
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Flimsy Straps
  • Too hard for some, too soft for others.

Key Takeaway: This medium density memory foam lumbar support cushion has good contours to help support your back throughout the day. It can, however, be too soft if you’re a heavier person, or too hard if you’re a lighter person, so be sure “medium” foam is the right fit for you before buying.


9. Samsonite SA5243 – Best Lightweight Model

Samsonite SA5243

This lightweight pillow from Samsonite is easy to transport and use. And because it’s so lightweight it stays in place better than some of the heavier pillows.

It’s ergonomically designed with foam for comfortable yet supportive lumbar spine relief.

Adjustable Strap – The adjustable, elasticated strap can be extended or shortened to fit any size seat, from a slim office chair to a baulky car seat. The lightweight of the pillow ensures that it stays in place.

Ergonomic, High-Grade – The firm yet comfortable material is high-rade and molded to fit the natural curve of your lumbar spine. Offering just the right amount of giving to be comfortable, yet remain supportive.

Versatile – Because of its design the cushion can be adjusted up and down any backrest to provide support where you need it most. Its lightweight makes it easy to travel with and use on various types of seating, including computer chairs, seats for cars, airplane seats or on the sofa at home.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Transport and Set Up
  • Good Support
  • Some defective models reported

Key Takeaway: This is a very versatile lumbar pillow that’s easy to transport and use, with good support and comfort levels. Unfortunately, some models have been reported to fail within a few weeks of purchase, so proceed with caution if you know you’re a heavy user.


10. ComfiLife – Best Model with Breathable 3D Mesh

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow

The excellent 3D ventilating mesh is the biggest selling point of this model, which keeps you cool and dry even after extended periods of sitting. But that isn’t all that’s god about this model.

The ComfiLife lumbar pillow gives good, comfortable support and fits most backrests, including desk chairs and car seats, offering posture-correcting support in multiple settings.

Recommended by Chiropractors – This cushion has been recommended by various chiropractors for lower back support that relieves pain.

Orthopedic Design – The contoured memory foam curves outward to support your lumbar spine and give extra cushioning, helping to relieve pains associated with long hours of sitting.

Durable – The excellent foam responds to weight and heat, becoming softer in heat and firmer in cold temperatures. For optimal support, use at a comfortable room temperature, where it will provide quality support for years.

Adjustable Strap and Removable cover – The 3D cover is removable and machine washable while the adjustable strap keeps the foam lumbar support in place on most seat types ( excluding larger seats such as bulkier seats for car or desk chairs).

Guaranteed Satisfaction – If you aren’t 100% satisfied you can return the product for a full refund.

  • Removable, Breathable Cover
  • High-Quality
  • Guaranty
  • Sturdy and Comfortable
  • Doesn’t fit all seats

Key Takeaway: The only downside is that the strap doesn’t reach around bulkier backrests. Other than that this is a very supportive and comfortable pillow that’s durable and easy to use.


11. DMI – Best for Kitchen Chair

The extra wooden support board adds to the stability and structure of this cushion , making it the best for kitchen chairs that often have a slatted backrest.

It also has a removable cover and good quality memory foam for easy cleaning and comfortable support.

Orthopedic Design – The orthopedic design fits the curve f your lumbar sine to offer support that helps to relieve back pain.

Wooden Insert – The optional wooden insert adds to the stability and supportive features of this lumbar cushion , making it ideal for backrests that aren’t solid, such as kitchen chairs or patio furniture. The cushion is kept in place with a strap

Removable Cover – The removable, polyester cover is conveniently easy to keep clean and fresh.

  • Wooden Insert for Extra Support
  • Comfortable and Sturdy
  • Memory foam doesn’t last long

Key Takeaway: While this is one of the most supportive lumbar pillows, it isn’t the highest quality and if you’re n the heavier side it may not last very long.


You Can Also Try: Lumbar roll (Recommended by OPTP “Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products”), support cushions

Are Lumbar Support Pillows Good?

Yes. These pillows are good. Not only do they provide extra support for your lumbar spine and improve your back, relieving pain, and fatigue, but they also make you a lot more productive.

Lumbar Support Pillows

A study suggests that support pillows can actually help decrease pain and increase range of motion in the lumbar spine.

When you’re comfortable, you can sit for long periods without getting up, and you’re also more likely to sit down in the first place.

Even if you don’t suffer from lower back pain, adding a cushion to your chair can help prevent back pain and tension in the long run.

Key Takeaway: They are a good way to improve your posture while you sit, which can increase productivity and mobility as well as decrease pain.

Do Backrest Lumbar Cushions Really Work?

Yes. Numerous studies have shown that proper model reduces pain, increases mobility and productivity.

If your chair doesn’t have proper pillow can give you all the benefits of an ergonomically designed chair. It can also be added to an ergonomically designed chair for increased support.

Key Takeaway: Yes, they really do work like the best lumbar support office chair.

Is it Good to Sleep with Lumbar Support?


For lower back pain or sciatica, you shouldn’t put a support cushions under your lower back. Instead, if you sleep on your back, you should put a pillow under your knees.

Sleep with Lumbar Pillows

Alternatively, if you sleep on your side, a pillow between your knees will help keep your spine aligned.

Key Takeaway: A support cushion under your lower back can increase the curve of your lumbar spine too much, leading to more pain instead of relief.

What Are the Benefits of Office Chair Cushion?

It improves your posture. This can help relieve back pain, increase mobility, and productivity. But we’ve covered these benefits already.

Benefits of Back & Lumbar Support

What makes cushions even better than, say, having an ergonomic office chair, is that they are more affordable and a lot more versatile. One cushion will set you back less than $50, and you can use it just about anywhere.

That means you get the benefits of cushion in every seat, not just at your desk.

Key Takeaway: Lumbar support reduces pain and muscle strain. And cushion means you can take these benefits to all your chairs, not just your desk.

Things to Look for When Buying Best Seat Cushions & Support Pillows

First of all, check the size. You want to make sure the cushion is going to fit as many seats as possible, including your computer chair and car seat. Also, make sure the height is right for you.

Lumbar PillowsNext, check the hardness. Do you want more support? Go for harder support pillows.

Do you want more comfort? Go for a softer option.

Do bear in mind that the pillow will become a bit softer with use and higher temperatures.

So if you want one for your car, a high density, the harder pillows will last longer, whereas a cold office will make memory foam harder, so a softer version is probably a more comfortable option.

Finally, check the durability. If you’re heavier, make sure to get a cushion that has a good track record. This may mean you need to invest in a slightly more expensive model, but at least you know it will last.

Key Takeaway: Check size, hardness, and durability to ensure you get the most out of your support cushion.

Final Conclusion. Which Lumbar Support Pillow to Choose?

Overall the LoveHome is the best in terms of durability, usability, and comfort. It has 2 straps to keep it in place and offers sturdy yet comfortable support.

If you’re looking for something that offers best back support, the Castle Bulwark is a good option.


And while the DMI might not be the highest quality, it does offer the best support if you’re going to be using your cushion on a chair that has a slatted backrest.

Everlasting Comfort has the best guarantee, but the support pillows are very ungiving. The Vertteo offers comfortable, full-back support with just the right amount of giving.