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Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron (2024) | Which One? [Compared]

Herman Miller has a reputation that precedes it. All its furniture pieces are top quality, and innovative. However, not all of them may suit your needs.

It’s essential to choose the best office chair that keeps you comfortable, and that fits your line of work. This article will teach you how to do that.

You can read detailed comparisons between Herman Miller Mirra 2 and Aeron, as well as other reviews of Herman Miller chairs below. Why is this article different than other online reviews?

We discuss each feature and official spec, depending on your needs. We’ll tell you the activities and needs that each ergonomic office chair fits, so read along.

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  • Mirra 2 – Best for Dynamic Workplaces
  • Embody – Best Stylish
  • Mirra 1 – Best Budget Ergonomic Choice
  • Aeron Remastered – Best for Ergonomic Adjustments
  • Cosm – Best Executive

About Company

Herman Miller has a century of reputation you can count on. HM devises innovative products because it has a team of specialists in design and ergonomics.

Herman Miller Logo

Regardless of what HM chair you’ll get, it will be durable, quality, and comfortable. In fact, Herman Miller has received many awards over the years for their products.

Besides, Herman Miller values user experience. You’ll get a 12-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee with all these office chairs. You’ll also benefit from stellar customer help whenever you need it.

SUMMARY: Herman Miller has been around for 100+ years. This company offers you top furniture, backed by tons of research. Your HM ergonomic chair was built by a team of physicians, therapists, designers, and ergonomics specialists. The result is that HM product with build quality is durable, quality office chairs, which receive awards regularly.

Aeron Task Chair

Aeron Chair

This model is the result of extended research and user experience. The chair was first sold in 1994, and it has seen plenty of improvements since then. You can rest assured you’ll get a comfy chair.

The Aeron and Mirra 2 have similar designs according to buying guides. They’re contouring office chairs that take the pressure off your back and allow you to sit down for long hours. However, Aeron offers you more customization options and optional features.

This chair you can personalize this to fit your unique needs and body shape. Choose one of the three sizes that best fits your measurements.

Then, consider the additional options you want, such as:

  • 3D armrests to suit different activities and reduce the risk of straining your upper body
  • Headrest to keep your neck and head enjoyable, whether you recline or sit upright
  • A Forward Tilt limiter to offer you good back support even when you are leaning over your keyboard

SUMMARY: The Aeron is a contouring chair you can customize to fit your needs. Choose the features that help you feel most comfortable.


Mirra 2

Mirra 2 Chair

Mirra 2 is an adaptable chair that moves with your body’s movements, much like Humanscale Freedom. The blend of dynamic areas is activated by all your movements.

Herman Miller changes depending on who’s sitting on it, so the chair offers you personalized sitting comfort.

The first difference from the Aeron is that model offers two options for your back:

  • The Butterfly Suspension is more expensive, but contours your back better. This feature acts as a suspension membrane, keeping you cool and supported when you move.
  • The Triflex Polymer is flexible, but it’s better if you are not constantly moving. You can clean it easily, and it will keep you enjoyable while working on your computer.

Another difference is the Mirra 2 Chair features. You can adjust it depending on your height and tasks. However, the Aeron features three chair sizes so, if you choose the right one from the beginning, you won’t need to adjust.

SUMMARY: This model is a sleek, light task chair that conforms to your shape, which means you can sit down on it for hours. This is a model that’s designed to last a long time while minimizing the impact that long periods of working. If you are constantly changing positions and devices, it keeps your body supported. Therefore, Mirra2 is best if you have a dynamic job and contact with a lot of people.


Comparison of Mirra 2 and Aeron: Summary of Differences

They share similar characteristics, such as their S-shaped backrests that contour your back and rest your spine in a neutral position.

Both office chairs have padded armrests that cushion your arms, but don’t have any seat padding for your bottom.

Mirra 2 vs Aeron

The biggest difference is that Mirra 2’s backrest is intended to follow your movements. Two technologies:

  • Loop Spine lets you stretch and reach to your sides because it offers backrest torsional elasticity.
  • Harmonic 2 Tilt lets you recline smoothly, without feeling like you are out of balance.

With that in mind, here’s a summary of the “Aeron vs Mirra” differences:

ModelReview Herman Miller AeronReview Herman Miller Mirra 2
Materials8Z Pellicle meshPolymer mesh
Lumbar SupportThe optional height lumbar pad

Adjustable PostureFit if you have chronic backache

Height and Tension adjustable
Adjustable ArmrestThe standard version features stationary armrests

You can get the optional armrests or the 3D

4D armrests
Adjustable Seat DepthNone16.25-18-inch
Seat HeightSizes: A: 15 – 19-inch

B: 16 – 20-inch

C: 16 – 20-inch

14.75 – 22.25-inch
Max User WeightSizes A: 300 pounds

B & C: 350 pounds

350 pounds
  • Stylish design
  • 12-year warranty
  • It ships fully assembled
  • Eco-friendly
  • You can choose one of the three sizes for your needs
  • The comfortable 8Z Pellicle mesh contours and supports your body
  • It’s a durable chair because it features top materials and custom-made parts
  • It has a smooth recline that reduces your backache
  • The optional PostureFit SL reduces your chronic backache
  • The optional Forward Tilt feature supports your back during your marathon writing
  • It lacks back height and arm width adjustment
  • You have just a few color options to choose
  • Stylish design
  • 12-year warranty
  • It ships fully assembled
  • Eco-friendly
  • You have more armrest adjustment options
  • You can adjust the seat depth to reduce the pressure from your hamstrings and to improve your posture
  • It’s enjoyable if you are sitting down for long hours
  • The backrest is flexible so it contours your body shape and movements
  • It allows you to adjust the firmness of your lumbar pad
  • You can adjust the seat angle to target various pressure points
  • The armrests may wiggle with time
  • The Forward Tilt option may feel uncomfortable at first
  • The seat can give in with time if you are on the heavy side

SUMMARY: Each model has its pros and cons, so choose depending on your needs. Aeron is better if you have chronic pain, but Mirra is better if your job requires you to move a lot.

Remastered Herman Miller Aeron and Mirra 2

The new Aeron is a better choice if you want a customizable chair. The Remastered features more features, which will help you if you have a unique set of needs.

Aeron Remastered vs. Mirra 2

For instance, if you have a unique body shape or chronic pain, you might benefit from a Remastered.

Here are some other features to consider:

  • Cost. The price difference between these models is about $100 when you compare the fully upgraded versions.
  • Back support and adjustable options. Mirra 2 has a height and tension-adjustable lumbar support, which you can use depending on your pressure points. The Aeron Remastered has an additional pad if you sit for long hours. This pad is softer and doesn’t apply a lot of pressure. If you have chronic lumbar ache, PostureFit is firmer and alleviates your pain. However, you can’t change its position.

SUMMARY: The Remastered model is better if your workplace doesn’t ask you to move a lot. Both the chairs are enjoyable and supportive. If you have chronic backache, go for Mirra 2. Otherwise, Herman Miller Remastered is a valid choice too.


Mirra 2 vs Aeron vs Embody

Mirra 2 is best if you are looking for dynamic support. The backrest technologies, design, and materials allow this chair to follow your movements.

Mirra 2 vs. Aeron vs. Embody

The 4D armrests follow the same purpose and allow the armrests to move with your arms.

Mirra 2 allows you to change between tasks and devices seamlessly, just like the Humanscale Freedom Gel Chair.

The Herman Miller Aeron is best if you need a highly customizable chair that offers you personalized comfort:

  • You can choose various optional features. As such, you can add an optional headrest and 3D armrests.
  • You can also choose the right chair size (small, medium, and large) for your body shape.

Mirra 2 vs Embody. The Herman Miller Embody is best if you need a stylish executive chair with a wider seat and more padding. Keep in mind that:

  • The Aeron has more comfortable and supportive armrests, with more padding. If you have arthritis or joint ache, the Aeron is better.
  • The Aeron offers better options, whereas the Embody has no lumbar adjustment. However, if you have no chronic issues, Embody’s back angle adjustment is enough to keep your back enjoyable.
  • The optional Aeron headrest saves you from neck pain and tension headaches. However, if you don’t have these issues, the Embody’s tall backrest offers you enough functions even for gaming.
  • The Embody has no Forward Tilt option. If you are not a marathon writer, that might not be an issue.
  • The Embody features more aesthetic options than the Aeron. You can select more customizations for the finishing, casters, and upholstery.

SUMMARY: 3 Chairs are all top quality items, but choose the model that fits your purpose better. The Embody is a stylish, comfy choice if you have no chronic pain, but get the Aeron if you want a highly customizable chair (even for gaming) for unique needs and nagging ache. And if you work in a dynamic environment, choose Mirra 2.


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Difference Between Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 Review

2nd Generation packs a complete makeover. The chairs look completely different and they have different functionalities.

Mirra 1 vs Mirra 2

Mirra 2 is a better choice because:

  • The 4D armrests offer you more support and minimize upper body strain.
  • The lumbar support is better at targeting your pressure points because it has two points of rotation. Besides, you can adjust its firmness depending on your preferences.
  • Mirra 2’s backrest keeps you cooler because it’s a higher-quality type of mesh.
  • Model 2 includes the Forward Tilt option. The backrest moves with you when you lean over your keyboard, which helps you avoid slouching.

SUMMARY: Mirra 2 includes more options than 1st generation, but it’s more expensive. Get 2nd Generation if you have back and shoulder ache, if you are always writing at the computer, or change tasks frequently. Otherwise, if your budget is limited and don’t have chronic pain, 1st generation is a value-for-money.


Mirra 2 vs Cosm

Cosm is another expensive and high-quality chair from Herman Miller. It’s no wonder you want to consider this option.

vs Cosm

Let’s see how Cosm compares to Mirra 2:

  • Armrests: It has plusher armrest pads, which don’t dig into your arms. If you have arm issues, these armrests are better. On the other hand, Cosm has mesh armrests that improve breathability.
  • Armrest adjustments: HM model offers more adjustments to fit your needs. Cosm has no armrest adjustments, and the armrests have a wide placement. If you’re short, you might not reach the arms comfortably.
  • Seat depth: It has a bigger adjustment. If you are taller, Cosm may dig into your hamstrings when you sit down.
  • Back support: Cosm contours your back and offers you nice support, from the neck down to your buttocks. However, HM product is better for dynamic support when you’re on the move.
  • Ergonomic adjustments: HM office chair offers more adjustments for different body shapes and activities, whereas Cosm allows you to rock a little and tilts when you press your back into it. However, you can’t sit completely upright in the Cosm. You can notice the same difference if you read a few Setu vs. Aeron comparisons.

SUMMARY: Mirra 2 is a good chair if you are always on the move, changing devices and positions. Cosm is a good choice if you want a contemporary executive chair, not for gaming. You’ll get no adjustments with Cosm, but you can rock and recline when you’re attending meetings, doing interviews, or talking on the phone.

How Can You Tell a Fake Aeron Chair?

The Good: It all starts with a well-made product. On average, customers return an average of 18% of all purchases they make, which means that once Aeron is found to be a reliable company that makes great products, the return rate should go down quite a bit. Cons: Customers who already have Aeron can just buy another one of these quality chairs or buy it in a different color. Shopping for an Aeron Chair.

Let’s say that you have a product you need to sell, you might be in the market for an Aeron. Aeron does sell them online, but it’s quite expensive. For that reason, you could decide to buy it on the way to a convention, but this would take a considerable amount of time and trouble to set up. And how does someone know that you actually have the product? You wouldn’t.

So, you’re still left with having to find a reseller or a middleman that will help you get it in bulk so you can buy in bulk for yourself. One option is to simply find someone at the convention, tell them the chair you have is the exact one they need, and then walk them to the booth where you found the chair.

When Was the Mirra 2 Released?

The popular ride-on toy also called Mirra has been out for quite some time now. When it was first released in 2016, there was no indication that it was the final version. However, recent news suggests that the inflatable toy is going out of production and that the company will be discontinuing it.

Buehrle was one of the first manufacturers of the toy and he reportedly created the larger-sized version, which eventually became a nationwide craze. Though Mattel already had a number of big-name companies like Hasbro, Scrabble, LeapFrog, and Fisher-Price on their hands, Buehrle claimed to have created the toy more to his satisfaction, which many agreed with. In their mission statement, Mattel hinted that the product had “good recognition and longevity in the marketplace.” It seems like they were right as the Mirra has been very popular for its affordable price and various compatibility options.

Is the Remastered Aeron Worth It?

Considering the fact that the Aeron Chair was designed in the 1990s, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the one we see today doesn’t look exactly like the version shown at the launch event. We could argue that the look has improved over the years, but we all have our opinions when it comes to aesthetics.

If you would like to take the plunge and invest in a new one, you have three options at your disposal: wait for one of the retailers to carry the chair, get one as an open item (fans can pay on a case by case basis), or buy one from DFS at a higher price.

So what does the DFS Aeron look and feel like? In short, it’s not exactly the same but is an identical copy of the classic design. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and foldable, so it makes the perfect alternative to those dreadful corporate meeting chairs. The chair is available in two versions: a chrome version with metallic red accents, and a black version with blue accents.

Similarities Between Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron

Ergonomics and comfort were a priority when designing these two chairs, making them both desirable choices for any office space. Furthermore, they boast several common features that contribute to their allure. Here are some of the key similarities between the Herman Miller Mirra 2 and the Herman Miller Aeron:

  • Ergonomic Design: Whether you choose both chairs are crafted with optimum ergonomics in mind to ensure an ideal seating experience. Adjustable lumbar support and armrests as well as tilt controls provide customizable comfort that can be tailored to fit your individual needs exactly.
  • Breathable Material: They are designed with breathable fabrics to keep users feeling refreshed. Mesh materials make up the backrests and seats of these chairs, allowing for better air circulation while providing a soothing experience.
  • Durable Construction: Herman Miller’s unwavering commitment to creating durable, long-lasting furniture is renowned – and that rings true for the Mirra 2 and Aeron chairs. To ensure maximum longevity, these pieces are constructed with resilient materials designed specifically to handle daily use in a bustling office setting.
  • Adjustable Height: Easily customize each chair to your own desk and body height with the adjustable feature, so you can remain in optimum posture while seated. Prevent aches from developing down the line by proactively setting up a comfortable working environment for yourself.
  • Environmentally Friendly: They are eco-friendly chairs, crafted with recycled materials. During manufacturing, sustainable practices were enforced to reduce energy consumption as well as unnecessary waste.
  • Warranty: With Herman Miller, you are provided with an exceptional warranty for both the Aeron and Mirra 2 chairs. The former offers a robust 12-year coverage period while the latter has a 12-year frame warranty along with five years of protection on other components.
  • Customizable: Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, the two chairs offer a multitude of customization options. Choose from an array of colors and fabrics to create your own unique chair that matches your personal style and office décor!

In summary, Investing in the Mirra 2 or Aeron is a smart choice for those looking for an ergonomically designed and comfortable office chair. Both are equipped with adjustable lumbar support, breathable fabric designs, and solid construction. Moreover, they provide users with environmentally conscious features as well as generous warranties that can be tailored to meet their specific needs and wants.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Sayl

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 and Sayl Chair are two distinctive seating solutions that offer ergonomic excellence and design innovation. Both chairs stem from the reputable Herman Miller brand, renowned for their commitment to creating ergonomic office chairs that prioritize user comfort and well-being.

Starting with the Herman Miller Mirra 2, this chair is a remarkable evolution of the original Mirra model. Engineered to adapt to the user’s movements, the Mirra 2 features a responsive Butterfly Back that provides dynamic support to the spine, promoting a healthy seated posture. The chair’s advanced FlexFront seat enhances comfort by reducing pressure on the thighs and improving blood circulation. The Mirra 2 also boasts PostureFit technology, which offers adjustable lumbar support to maintain the natural curvature of the spine.

On the other hand, the Sayl Chair showcases a distinct design philosophy that focuses on minimalism and sustainability. Inspired by the principles of suspension bridges, the Sayl Chair utilizes a unique 3D Intelligent Back that provides optimal support to the back while allowing a wide range of movement. This innovative design not only promotes comfort but also reduces the chair’s environmental impact by utilizing fewer materials.

Comparing the two, the Mirra 2 places a strong emphasis on adaptability and personalized comfort. Its advanced features, such as the responsive backrest and adjustable lumbar support, make it an excellent choice for individuals seeking tailored ergonomic support. The Sayl Chair, on the other hand, stands out for its artistic and eco-friendly design, making it a preferred option for those who value aesthetics and sustainability.

In terms of material choices, both chairs incorporate high-quality components that contribute to their durability and longevity. Herman Miller’s commitment to quality is evident in both models, ensuring that users can rely on these chairs for years to come.

When considering the final choice between the Mirra 2 and Sayl Chair, it ultimately comes down to personal preferences and priorities. If you prioritize adaptability and precise ergonomic support, the Mirra 2 is likely to be the preferred option. Conversely, if you appreciate innovative design and a reduced environmental footprint, the Sayl Chair aligns more closely with those values.

In conclusion, the Herman Miller Mirra 2 and Sayl Chair are exceptional pieces of ergonomic furniture that cater to different preferences. While the Mirra 2 excels in personalized comfort and adaptability, the Sayl Chair showcases a unique and sustainable design. Whichever you choose, both chairs epitomize Herman Miller’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of users through innovative and thoughtfully engineered seating solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Herman Miller Chairs?

Herman Miller, a renowned furniture manufacturer, offers a range of chairs, each distinct in design and functionality. One notable difference lies in the iconic Aeron and Embody chairs, two flagship models that cater to diverse ergonomic needs.

The Aeron chair, a pioneer in ergonomic design, features a Pellicle suspension system that adapts to the user’s body, providing optimal support and ventilation. Its PostureFit technology promotes a healthy sitting posture by supporting the natural curve of the spine. The Aeron is highly customizable, allowing users to choose from different sizes, materials, and adjustment options, making it suitable for a wide range of body types and preferences.

On the other hand, the Embody chair focuses on dynamic ergonomics, incorporating a pixelated support system that distributes weight evenly and responds to the body’s micro-movements. This technology promotes blood circulation and reduces pressure points, enhancing overall comfort during prolonged periods of sitting. The Embody’s design encourages natural alignment and movement, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a chair that promotes active sitting.

Herman Miller’s Aeron chairs, available in both Classic and Remastered versions, offer users a range of options tailored to individual ergonomic requirements. Notably, both iterations come in three different sizes—A, B, and C—allowing users to choose a chair that aligns with their body proportions. However, a crucial distinction emerges when considering the weight capacity and the demographic range each version accommodates.

The Classic Aeron chair has a weight range of 90 to 300 lbs, providing ample support for a diverse user base. On the other hand, the Remastered Aeron chair boasts an extended weight capacity, accommodating individuals within the range of 90 to 350 lbs. This enhancement in weight capacity makes the Remastered version more inclusive, catering to a wider spectrum of body sizes and ensuring that a broader demographic can benefit from the ergonomic features of the chair.

Beyond weight capacity, both the Classic and Remastered Aeron chairs maintain Herman Miller’s commitment to customizable comfort, offering various sizes to suit different individuals. Users can choose the appropriate chair size based on their body dimensions, ensuring optimal support and ergonomic benefits. In essence, while the Classic Aeron chair caters to a substantial user range, the Remastered version extends this inclusivity by accommodating a broader spectrum of body weights, providing enhanced versatility and ergonomic support for an even more diverse audience.

Is Mirra 2 Better Than Mirra 1?

Yes, the Mirra 2 chair represents a significant advancement over its predecessor, the Mirra 1, in several key aspects, making it a superior choice for ergonomic seating. Let’s delve into the specifics of these improvements.

Firstly, the Mirra 2 boasts a more refined and adaptable design compared to the Mirra 1. Herman Miller, the manufacturer, focused on enhancing the chair’s flexibility and customization options. The Mirra 2 features a redesigned Butterfly backrest, which provides improved support and dynamic movement, accommodating a wider range of body types and postures. This innovative design allows for better spinal alignment and reduces the risk of discomfort or fatigue during prolonged sitting sessions.

Moreover, the materials and construction of the Mirra 2 have been upgraded for enhanced durability and sustainability. Herman Miller utilized advanced engineering techniques and eco-friendly materials in crafting the chair, ensuring both longevity and minimal environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability not only aligns with modern environmental standards but also reflects the company’s dedication to creating responsible and high-quality products.

In terms of adjustability, the Mirra 2 offers greater versatility compared to its predecessor. Users can easily customize various aspects of the chair, including seat height, depth, and tilt tension, to suit their individual preferences and ergonomic needs. Additionally, the Mirra 2 features an improved tilt mechanism, allowing for smoother reclining motion and better support throughout the range of motion. These adjustable features contribute to better ergonomic support and overall comfort, promoting healthier sitting habits and reducing the risk of strain or injury.

Furthermore, the Mirra 2 incorporates advanced technology to enhance user experience and comfort. Optional features such as the passive PostureFit support system and adjustable lumbar support provide additional ergonomic benefits, promoting optimal posture and reducing pressure on the spine. The chair’s intuitive controls and user-friendly design make it easy to fine-tune settings for maximum comfort and productivity.

In conclusion, the Mirra 2 represents a significant improvement over the Mirra 1 in terms of design, functionality, and ergonomics. With its refined construction, enhanced adjustability, and advanced features, the Mirra 2 offers superior comfort and support, making it the preferred choice for those seeking a premium ergonomic seating solution.

Bottom Line. Our Thoughts on Mirra 2 vs. Aeron

So, Aeron Chair vs Mirra. Both are good chairs, but choose the one that fits your needs and work style.

The Aeron is a better choice if you have chronic backache. It offers you plenty of optional features to make a chair that caters to your unique needs.


On the other hand, Mirra 2’s upholstery adapts to your body’s movements. This model moves whenever you move. If your job is in a collaborative environment and change devices constantly, Mirra 2 is your best office chair choice.

Before ordering your chair, make sure you get it from a reliable source. Websites like Madison Seating retail these chairs at half a price, but HM has started a legal lawsuit against them.

Don’t waste time. Click below to order the right chair from a trustworthy source now.