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Best Office Chair for Short Person (2024 Update) | #1 For Petite People!

My Advice

Usually, the furniture is made for average size people, and if you are a shorter person, you may not feel comfortable sitting – especially when it comes to extended, long hours sitting.

A few studies have shown that improper office chairs can account for various back pain issues!

If you are on the shorter side, you probably felt discomfort from sitting in a regular ergonomic office chair.

Best Chairs for Short People And, since you are the most productive by sitting for a good chunk of your day, imagine what you must be missing out on if a chair is uncomfortable! You may feel pain, and you don’t get the job done right. And it is not your fault. It is because many chairs are made for taller people.

So, if you want to avoid the irritating back pain that stops you from having a pain-free and productive life, you need to may want to consider investing in a good chair that is suitable for your size and weight.

I know my life changed when I did that.

So, to help out other fellow shorties, I’ve compiled a buying guide that will help you make the best purchasing decision.

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Best Office Chairs for Short People (Reviews for 2024)

Updated models added below

I can totally relate to the struggle of finding an office chair that doesn’t fit just because you are short. So, I’ve combined a list of the best office chairs for shorter people.

In the following text, you can see the best chairs that are the most comfortable, well-made, and durable. This makes them great purchases too.

Here are the best options on today’s market:

1. Herman Miller Aeron Size A – #1 Best Choice on the Market

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size A

You probably know that Herman Miller is a wonderful brand offering chairs for people of all sizes. This unit is great for extended use, and here is what it offers:

Adjustable pads – You know you can rely on the great comfort of the chair since you can adjust the pads according to your own needs.

Comfort – I couldn’t help but notice that sitting in this model for hours and working is a piece of cake. It has firm-enough padding that will give you good lumbar support too.

Casters – The Herman Miller (in all sizes) features 2.5-inch casters. These are carpet-friendly. If you want a hardwood-friendly set of casters, you’ll need to buy them in addition to the chair.

Warranty – You probably know that Herman Miller chairs are expensive. However, considering the 12-year warranty, this makes the model a true investment, and you can rely on its quality.

Requires basic maintenance

Stylish and simplistic design

Comfortable for extended use

Adjustability options

It is somewhat expensive

If you want high-end features, you need to purchase them separately

Summary: The Herman Miller is a completely adjustable chair that is great for all business activities. Although expensive, it is worth every penny paid for it. it is one of the best chair for for sciatica pain problems.


2. Steelcase Amia – Runner UP

Amia Steelcase

If you are short, you’ll love the Steelcase Amia task chair. This chair is worth the money you pay for it because of the obvious reasons – its high quality. Similar to the Staples petite person office chairs, the Amia has a lot to offer, including this:

Durability – Thanks to the wonderful Steelcase construction of the model and its good frame, you can rely on the fact that it can withstand a lot of beating. Also, we should mention that there is a 10-year warranty coming with it, so you can totally rely on it. Also, you should know that the unit can withstand a total of 300lbs.

Colors –There are several color patterns to choose from, and each of them can help you customize your home office. In addition to this, the fabrics used in the upholstery of the chair is soft and nice to the touch.

Comfort – In terms of comfort, there are several adjustability options. You can adjust the arms according to your needs, and you’ll enjoy the flexible seat edge. The latter relieves pressure on your back for extended use.

Great warranty

Adjustable arms

Flexible seat

Comfy for extended use

Not breathable, so it might be problematic for people prone to sweating

Summary: All in all, the Steelcase Amia is a wonderful chair that will surprise you with its durability. For its price range, it is one of the best petite ergonomic chairs 2018 brought to us.


3. NBF Faux Leather

NBF Faux Leather Petite Office Chair

My third best option is the NBF faux leather office chair. You’ll love sitting next to your office desk for hours with this chair, and your office will look amazing with it. Here is what it brings to the table.

Completely adjustable – If you seek impeccable comfort, this is the chair for you. It is fully adjustable. You can control the tension of the seat, the arm height, the synchro-tilt, the height of the chair, and many more features.

Compact design – The model comes in pretty decent dimensions, so it won’t take up too much space in your office. To be exact, it has the dimensions of 26.25″W x 25″ D x 35.25-37.25″H, so you wouldn’t have to worry about space.

Convenient upholstery – The model has PVC-polyurethane upholstery. This material is easy to clean, and it is resistant to regular wear and tear. Also, it is pretty comfortable to the touch.

Proven quality – The sole fact that the chair has been certified by GreenGuard and has been approved by the American Chiropractic Association tells you a lot about what you are going to get from it.

Durable upholstery

Many adjustability features

Proven quality


Luxurious design

There is only black color

Summary: All in all, the NBF Faux leather chair is a great model that looks stylish and modern. If you have a simple office, it will fit perfectly in it.


4. SIDIZ T50 Adjustable Headrest/Neckrest – Good Mesh Office Chair


The Sidiz T50 mesh chair is a viable option for anyone who likes the extra comfort in their working space.

I loved that as one of the best office chairs for a short person in 2019 brought, it has a lot of good features. Simply, it is an exquisite piece of office furniture, and here is what it can bring you:

Lumbar support – The Sidiz T50 features an S-curved backrest. So, it can offer incredible lumbar support, and it allows for the weight on your lumbar disc to be distributed perfectly.

Stylish design – The unit comes in a sleek-looking, white color. It was carefully designed to fit into most interior designs, but I feel that modern and sophisticated offices would strive with it.

Durable construction – The Sidiz is made from high-quality materials, and it can withstand a lot of weight. In addition to this, it has been tested and proven by the BFIMA standards as a chair that can withstand a max load of 250 lbs. Although this isn’t the best model, it still serves its purpose.

Breathable mesh back – Thanks to the nice polyester stripe mesh on the back, you can sit in the chair for hours. With good airflow, it allows your skin to breathe while you work.

Compact size

Stylish design

Robust construction

Easily customizable

Not great for heavy people

Summary: The Sidiz T50 is a great model that can bring comfort to a next level. If you want a sleek-looking, functional office chair, this is the one for you.


5. Modway Thrive Mesh

Modway Thrive Mesh Drafting Chair

If you aren’t working on a computer but on other tasks while sitting, the Modway Thrive is a good option for your job. It is a great chair with an abundance of handy features. Here is what it can bring you:

Ergonomics – Modway as a brand offers an impeccable ergonomic design, and the Thrive office chair doesn’t like apart from this standard.

Upholstery – The model features a breathable mesh backrest. This ensures that whenever you use it, you’ll sit comfortably without sweating or feeling uncomfortable.

Adjustability options – Thanks to the incredibly handy tall gas cylinder, you can lift and adjust the seat height according to your own needs.

Compact design – As a chair the Modway is incredibly compact, to begin with. It fits nicely in most interior designs, and it is a great addition to a standard office.

Multi-purpose model

Good ergonomics

Compact design

Height adjustable Seats

Reliable brand

A simple design

Very little adjustability options

Summary: If you want a hassle-free, multi-purpose chair, the Modway Thrive is a good choice. I wouldn’t recommend it to those with bad backs though, as it doesn’t have a lot of options for adjusting the seating position.


6. AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer – Best Budget Model

AmazonBasics Low-Back

Another great option for the short businessman or woman is the AmazonBasics low-back computer chair. This chair has a lot of decent features that make it one of the worthiest items on my list. Here is what it offers:

Comfort – The model has good padding on the seat and it can be used for hours without feeling any pain or discomfort. The seat has 2-inch thick padding that gives it enough support. In addition to this, it has good lumbar support that prevents you from developing spine injuries.

Adjustability – You can choose the seat height of the seat according to your height, and this way, you develop a good posture while working.

Durability – The model is a decent one considering its price. It is a durable one because it has a strong construction if used accordingly. However, it cannot withstand more weight capacity than 250 lbs.

Compact design – The AmazonBasics has dimensions of 22.5”D x 21.5”W x 34.5”H, which is a great size for small or minimalistic offices.

Simple design

Comfortable for extended use due to 2-inch padding

Easy maintenance

Pneumatic seat height adjustment

Breathable mesh back

Comes in one color

Not great for heavy big and tall people

Summary: If you weigh less than 250 lbs., you don’t need to overpay for a chair. The AmazonBasics is a budget-friendly desk chair with good features.


7. Flash Furniture Mid Back

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair

Flash Furniture is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to comfortable seating in offices. So, it didn’t surprise me to find that they have one of the best office chairs.

I loved the Mid Back Chair since it was the best choice for anyone suffering from back pain.

Here is what this chair offers:

Unique design – Flash Furniture is put out when offered a whole spectrum of colors to choose from in their humble chair. You can choose from different colors and, thus, customize your working space according to your own needs and interests.

Breathable mesh – On the back support of the chair, you’ll find a ventilated mesh. This material allows your skin to breathe without any sweating, and you’ll be able to work for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Lumbar support – In addition to the mesh on the back, the model features built-in professional lumbar support. This feature ensures that your body stays in the proper shape with the chest open while you work.

Simple design

Reliable manufacturer

Several colors to choose from

Handy mid-back design

The chair doesn’t look good in modern offices

Summary: If you are experiencing lower back pain, this Flash Furniture is one of the things you should be looking at. It is wonderful because it offers incredible lumbar support, and you get to customize the color according to your taste.


8. Flash Furniture High Back – Best Ergonomic Chair with Footrest

Flash Furniture High-Back

As opposed to the previous option, the High Back office chair from Flash Furniture is great for those who like extended comfort.

This model has proven to be of exceptional value for those who spend endless hours in their offices and require the greatest comfort. Here is what it offers:

Upholstery – This model features LeatherSoft upholstery that is nice to the touch. Also, it is extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is use a damp cloth to clean it, and it will shine like a new chair. It is needless to say that this upholstery gives the chair a touch of luxury and style.

High-back design – If staying comfy for long hours is important for you, you’ll find that the high-back design is a handy feature. It allows your spine to rest naturally while you work.

Contemporary design – The chair is simplistic at its best. It can fit perfectly in different interior designs, and each of the four colors you can choose from looks impeccable.

Adjustability – Besides the aesthetics, you can also control the reclining back using a paddle feature and you can control the seat height of the footrest using an easy-touch footrest lever.

Comfy for extended use

Great value for money

Simple design

Headrest and footrest are comfortable

Will require maintenance from time to time

Summary: If comfort is your top priority, you can put your trust in a brand like Flash Flash furniture and opt for a chair like the High Back chair. It is great and looks luxuriously too.


9. Alera Etros

Etros Alera

I was surprised to see the quality of the Alera Etros as it seemed like a really cheap and flimsy chair.

But, I stand corrected. This model has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to set up a home office with a limited budget. Here is what this compact chair offers:

Lumbar support – The Alera Etros has adjustable lumbar support that you can customize according to your needs and preferences.

Mesh back – The back of the chair features a handy breathable mesh back that allows you to sit for a lot of hours comfortably without sweating or irritation of the skin.

Comfortable seating – The seat has great cushioning that provides good support for your bottoms, and it is rounded on the sides, offering maximum comfort for your thighs.

High-quality casters – The base of the casters has five endings. The casters are durable yet silent, so you can easily move around your office without bothering others.

Comfortable for extended use

Stable seating

Adjustable lumbar support

Quiet Casters


Not very durable

Summary: If you want a chair for a shared office where you need to be discreet and silent, this chair is the perfect option. It is silent, convenient and comfortable.


10. Office Star Mesh Back For Short Users

Office Star Mesh-Back Chair

Although pretty low on my list, I found that the Office Star mesh back chair is a wonderful option for anyone who likes to feel like a boss in their chair and have it fit their size.

As a chair for shorter people, the Office Star is a worthy purchase. Here is what it offers:

High-quality seating – Thanks to the good construction of the chair, the Office Star unit meets BIFMA and ANSI standards, so it has a recognized quality. Moreover, it was Greenguard certified. It was made without hard chemicals and it is also from an environmentally-conscious company

Breathable back – The back support of the chair is made from a breathable mesh which ensures that your back stays dry while you do your thing in the kitchen.

Good padding – The mesh seat has good padding that ensures that you stay comfortable while working. In addition, there are padded flip arms to ensure maximum comfort

Design – The chair is aesthetically pleasing, and it is well-made too. It can withstand a total weight of up to 250 lbs which is decent considering its compact size.

Adjustable synchro tilt

Good ergonomics

Padded flip arms

Breathable back

Can’t stand a lot of weight

Only 2 colors to choose from

Summary: if you want a chair that will be reliable for regular office tasks and can serve its purpose while being aesthetically pleasing, the Office Star piece is a good option.


11. Neutral Posture XSM Series Petite Ergonomic Chair

Neutral Posture XSM Series Petite Ergonomic Chairs

Last but not least office chair for short people on my list is the Neutral Posture XSM Series chair.

This model is a great seating solution that was specifically designed to address the needs of short people.

And it did so. Here is what you get by buying the Neutral posture XSM Petite Ergonomic chair.

Several configurations to choose from – Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you can choose from a mid or high-back chair. So, if you have a problem with your lower back, you’ll need a mid-back chair, and you’ll find one that will suit your body perfectly.

Adjustability options – If you want to customize your comfort when you are working, you’ll love this chair. By using it, you can choose the level of tension, the height of the seat as well as the adjustable seat depth. Also, you can choose the seat angle too.

Lumbar support – Using modern technology, the chair can offer lumbar air support that doesn’t push your back where it shouldn’t, yet it can support it during hard-working hours.

Great chair arms – At first sight, the arms look quite simple. However, you can adjust their seat height and their width, and there is a 360° pivot feature for them.

Fully adjustable

High-end lumbar support

Great for extended use

Seat depth Adjustment

Two configurations to choose from – mid or high back.

Somewhat expensive

Summary: If you have the extra money to spend on a durable piece of office furniture, you should totally go for the Neutral Posture XSM Series that looks like gaming chairs. It is an ergonomic piece worth the money you pay for it.

Summary: Although they might not be marketed enough, there are a lot of office seating options for short people. The list above contains the most popular items with proven quality.

12. Superjare Drafting Chair with Back, Adjustable Foot Rest


The Superjare drafting chair provides perfect seating for drafting tasks, reading during combat, or other gaming endeavors. A seat in the second row can be removed to easily store the chair for transport to an activity of your choice. Upholstered chair with wide, padded armrests, adjustable seat height, and hand-rests for ease of movement

The knotted leather finish on the underside of the seat cushion adds a unique look. The back can be moved between the side and front with three different settings. Two steel casters allow the Superjare drafting chair to be easily moved.

Great Leather. We really love this chair. The back, backrest, and seat can be made adjustable. It also has a nice, solid frame. There is also plenty of cushioning. The leather isn’t the highest quality, but the quality is far from poor. The dimensions for the chair are 11″ tall, 10″ wide, and 6” deep.  The dimensions for the arms and backrest are 18″ long. So, this model is pretty big. However, it is a chair that will take a lot of abuse. The upholstery is pretty weak, but that isn’t a huge issue.

Most Important Features to Consider

If you are short, you are probably looking for an office chair that will suit your needs. However, office chairs might differ in terms of adjustable features and quality.

So, in order for you to make the best purchase for your money, there are several things that you should have in mind.

In the following text, you’ll find a check-list of the most important things that your next office chair purchase should include:

  • Good construction and internal parts
  • Comes from a reputable manufacturer
  • Comfort for extended use
  • Quality casters (possibly silent too)
  • Should be able to withstand your weight
  • Should be aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to clean + Easy maintenance
  • Good value for money
  • Good height and size for your needs
  • Decent warranty
  • Ergonomic and lumbar support

Summary: There are many things that are important regarding an office chair of any kind. Look at the internal parts and ask what the chair can offer you, and you’ll be able to make a good purchase.

What Does “for short people” Mean?

We know that different geographical areas and specific can consider different heights of people to be short.

Chairs for Short PeopleFor instance, it is a well-known fact that the tallest people, on average, live in Scandinavia.

However, since generalizing it seems too wrong, I thought that we’d go with the safe alternative – to see someone as short based on popular opinion.

According to most people of the world, anyone shorter than 5’9-feet is short, and this is the size for men.

For women, the average is about 5’7, so, any woman below this, would be factually considered short.

Summary: The height range varies in the world, and so does the conception of “shortness”. However, men under 5’9 and women under 5’7, are reasonably considered short.

Why Invest in A Good Chair

You might be asking yourself, “is the investment in best ergonomic office chairs worth it?

It is.

I’ve met many people with terrible back pain problems. Even though they sleep on high-quality mattresses and own good sofas in their home. We often forget that we spend more than 5-6 hours a day in our office chair.

Best Chairs for Short People to Invest

You work, so you probably forget that you might feel discomfort or even pain. And, once you feel the pain – it is too late. Sometimes, you can develop spinal problems that cannot be repaired. So, this would make the investment a worthy one.

In addition to this, investing in a good chair is important because you invest in your work. When you feel comfortable, although unconsciously, you do more work.

Or at least, you feel happier and more comfortable doing so. By having positive energy around you and feeling comfortable, you can do more, be better, and this type of work always pays off.

Summary: It is important to invest in a good office or working chair because this chair brings you comfort. The more comfortable you feel while working – the better you do your job. Also, you prevent unwanted back injuries and developing spinal problems.

Is a Herman Miller Chair Worth It?

In some cases, a bad chair can cost you thousands of dollars, but a good one can be even cheaper. If you want to evaluate the relative value of different chairs, try figuring out what you paid for it. Use a money-back guarantee to be sure the chair you’re buying is what you paid for. Do Your Homework. A good chair can last you decades, which means it’s worth spending some time deciding what’s right for you. Check your home’s design plan to see what style you’re using, and compare how different chairs will fit into space. Be sure to try different chairs out in various rooms before buying one. Take a minute to think about the type of person you are and how you prefer to sit or try sitting in the chair in your car to see how comfortable it is before you commit to a purchase.

When it comes to design and functionality, Herman Miller Inc. is a global leader in office furniture. The company makes durable and creative products, many of which have inspired the minds of designers. Here are some of their most impressive pieces. We love the Lund Office chair in deep blue. The Canvas is great for those who love modern design. The Oak tables are sleek and stylish, and they look great in small spaces. Arizona is practical but still stylish. As for accessories, we also love the Mood lighting. We are in love with the Front Desk Desk collections, which are particularly impressive at an affordable price. To see more of Herman Miller’s classic designs, check out their catalog.

Is the Markus Chair Good for Short People?

The chair has a handy clip that prevents it from getting lost in the depths of a backpack or a rolling suitcase. It’s easy to adjust to a comfortable position with a quick twist of the seat width. Additionally, the staff at Columbus didn’t know of any downsides to the chair. They’ve had many kids who’ve put their foot through the hinges, but “it’s quite a flexible metal.” Going Forward. The Markus chair has been a popular item on the website, with plenty of enthusiastic customer reviews, many of which include quotes like: “It’s awesome.

My son loves it. He was born with hypotonia and is so much stronger and more coordinated now that he’s had that chair. I love it, too!” The chair also comes in a tall version, which accommodates children between five and 15 years old, and a toddler version. It’s not clear which version would work best for a short person, but if you’re looking to buy one for a short child, make sure you read up on the chair’s weight limit and how it is molded to your child’s body because kids can overheat or get injured with a mobility device.

Which Herman Miller is for Short People?

With all of the (incorrect) articles flying around about Herman Miller, I thought it would be worth discussing a few points about the company’s products. Aesthetically speaking, I think any of the Herman Miller pieces would look nice in a home. I have some leather chairs that I received as a wedding present that makes me think of being an academic, and with some black accessories, I might be ready to start attending more research conferences.

Regarding ergonomics, one might find fault with a few items, but the company clearly offers (or is used to) fantastic furniture. I use the word “used” advisedly: When I worked for my university, I had a mid-century modern chair and desk that I purchased from Herman Miller. The design was simple, but the company had somehow succeeded in creating the perfect piece for me: I could use it both at my computer and with a laptop on my lap, as I slouched in a chair during breaks.

What is a Petite Chair?

Oh look, you’ve just bought a chair. It’s not a small chair, it’s a tall chair, a compact chair. Maybe it’s a modern design or a revival, or something else entirely. (Cerise) and warm and comfortable in her decade-old red frame with an amazingly realistic duck butt, (Grosvenor-Stratford), where is your family going to sit? (Rochfort) It’s going to be a family meeting room, a family dining room, a school classroom, a studio, and ultimately a guestroom. And when the seat disappears, you’ll have to move the centerpiece from the center of the room. A table.

Ah yes, your petite chair. Good for you, and good for our industry. These chairs are definitely not to be called “throne” chairs if you catch my drift. They’re smaller than modern sofas, and thus appear thinner to the eye, lighter in weight, and less bulky, with a thinner seat and less to pull up to accommodate an armful of clothing. (No one’s wearing the fashion items you can buy at Payless, so you’ll have to haul up your own.) Tall enough to project slightly from the floor.

What Size Desk Chair Do I Need?

To get the most out of your desk chair, find one with enough support to be useful in all types of seating positions, and one that’s not too soft to cause discomfort in your lower back. On the other hand, if you want to maximize your productivity and minimize the strain on your body from your desk chair, look for a chair with a firm, rock-like bottom. That’s because a firmer bottom is better at absorbing shock, says Carmela Burke, physical therapist and owner of Serenity on Walden, a health and wellness studio in Walnut Creek, CA. Other important considerations include the chair’s height, shoulder support, and cushioning. Choosing the proper height will help you avoid sitting up tall in your chair,” Burke says.

How to Choose an Office Chair for Short People?

Ensuring optimal comfort and spinal alignment is essential when selecting an office chair – particularly for shorter people. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you find the perfect fit for your body:

  • To ensure your feet rest flat on the ground and that you can comfortably reach your desk, hunt for a chair with an adjustable height. Additionally, when selecting a seat depth of the chair, keep in mind the size of your body. Shorter individuals should opt for one with a shorter seat depth to prevent their knees from being pressed against its edge.
  • Once you’ve found a comfortable office chair, make sure to pay attention to the lumbar support. This is essential for preserving your spine’s natural arch and preventing back pain. Seek out an adjustable lumbar cushion that fits your body perfectly; this way, you won’t experience any strain in your arms, shoulders, or neck while resting on it. Additionally, consider the adjustable armrests: they should be easy to adjust so they’re at par with your desk height.
  • To finish up, locate a chair with a fabric that is both breathable and comfortable. Mesh backrests or seats will keep you cool when sitting for extended hours of work. These suggestions should help you discover the ideal chair that fits your body type while providing proper support to ease any discomfort and enable an effective day of productivity.

Is it Better to Have Your Office Chair Lower or Higher?

It depends on both your body’s size and shape and the dimensions of your desk. Generally speaking, you should aim to make sure that when seated in this chair, with feet flat on the ground and arms comfortably reaching towards (not over!) the desktop surface – voila! You have adjusted it perfectly according to all requirements.

If your chair is too tall, you won’t be able to reach the ground with your feet and this can lead to strain on your lower back or legs. On the other hand, if it’s too low, then you’ll find yourself in an awkward position with bent knees that will apply pressure to both of them as well as result in pain in either your upper or lower back region.

Sitting at your desk or standing desk should be a comfortable, pain-free experience. To achieve this alignment of comfort and safety, make sure that when you’re seated in your office chair, the level of your hips is slightly above or equivalent to that of your knees.

This will help maintain the natural curvature and shape of your spine which diminishes any possibility of backache or exhaustion. Therefore, finding just the right height for an office chair is essential if you want to stay productive while working without having to endure any physical discomfort!

How Can I Make My Chair More Comfortable for My Short Person?

Programming a Jarvis standing desk is a straightforward process, allowing you to customize its height and other settings to suit your ergonomic preferences. To do this, you’ll need to follow a few precise steps:

  1. Initialize the Desk: Begin by ensuring your Jarvis standing desk is properly connected to a power source and the control panel is functional. Once powered up, the desk is ready for programming.
  2. Set Default Height: To establish a default sitting height, press and hold the ‘M’ button on the control panel. The desk will move up and down until it reaches the desired height. Once achieved, release the ‘M’ button. This setting becomes your default sitting height.
  3. Set Default Standing Height: Similarly, to set your default standing height, press and hold the ‘M’ button and adjust the desk’s height using the up and down buttons. Release the ‘M’ button when the desk reaches your preferred standing height. This will be your default standing position.
  4. Program Memory Presets: Jarvis standing desks often come with memory preset options. To program these, locate the numbered buttons (commonly labeled ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, etc.) on the control panel. To set a memory preset, first adjust the desk to your desired height using the ‘M’ button and the up/down buttons. Then, press and hold the desired number button until the desk briefly moves to confirm the setting.
  5. Recall Memory Presets: To effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions, simply press the corresponding number button for your saved memory preset. The desk will automatically adjust to the programmed height.
  6. Lock or Unlock Settings: Many Jarvis standing desks have a lock/unlock function to prevent accidental height adjustments. To activate the lock, press and hold the ‘Lock’ button. When locked, the control panel will display a lock icon, and no height adjustments can be made until you unlock it by pressing the ‘Lock’ button again.
  7. Explore Additional Features: Jarvis desks may come with other features, such as anti-collision technology, which senses and avoids obstacles while adjusting height. Refer to your user manual for more information on these advanced functions.

Remember to consult your desk’s specific user manual for precise instructions, as different models may have slight variations in their programming processes. By following these steps, you can ensure your Jarvis standing desk is programmed to meet your ergonomic needs, enhancing your comfort and productivity while working.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Good Seat Height for Short People?

The optimal seat height for short individuals depends on various factors, including their height, leg length, and comfort preferences. Scientifically, a seat height that promotes proper posture and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal discomfort is crucial. For most short people, a seat height ranging from 15 to 17 inches (38 to 43 cm) tends to be suitable.

To determine the ideal seat height, consider the angle between the thighs and lower legs. Ideally, this angle should be around 90 to 100 degrees, promoting proper blood circulation and reducing pressure on the lower back. Short individuals with shorter leg lengths might find a slightly lower seat height more comfortable, as this can prevent their feet from dangling.

Another important consideration is foot placement. Short individuals should be able to place their feet flat on the ground to maintain stability and distribute body weight evenly. This can be achieved by adjusting the seat height accordingly. Additionally, a seat with adjustable features, such as height and tilt, can offer personalized comfort and support for short people.

Ergonomics plays a vital role in determining the appropriate seat height for short individuals. Utilizing ergonomic guidelines and consulting with professionals can provide tailored recommendations based on individual anthropometric measurements. Regular breaks and movements should also be incorporated to prevent prolonged static sitting, benefiting overall health and well-being.

In conclusion, the optimal seat height for short people typically ranges from 15 to 17 inches (38 to 43 cm), considering factors like leg length, posture, and comfort. Adhering to ergonomic principles and adjusting the seat height to maintain proper angles in the legs and feet can contribute to a more comfortable and supportive sitting experience for individuals of shorter stature.

Things to Look For on an Office Chair For a Short Person

When selecting an office chair for a short person, several crucial factors must be considered to ensure ergonomic comfort and support. Here’s a detailed guide:

Seat Height: Opt for a chair with a minimum seat height appropriate for your height. For individuals under 5 feet 6 inches, seek chairs with a minimum seat height ranging from 14 to 16 inches to maintain a 90-degree knee angle with feet flat on the floor.

Footrest Addition: Incorporating a footrest can help bridge the gap between shorter stature and standard desk height, aiding in achieving optimal ergonomic positioning.

Desk Height: Ensure your desk height complements your chair’s settings. For a chair at 16 inches, aim for a desk height that can lower to about 24 inches to maintain proper alignment.

Seat Depth: Look for chairs with adjustable seat depths or shallower seat depths, ideally around 15 to 16 inches, to accommodate shorter leg lengths comfortably.

Arm Width: Opt for chairs with narrower armrests, approximately 13 to 16 inches apart, to allow for natural arm positioning without strain.

Arm Height: Ensure the chair’s armrests are adjustable to a height that allows for a 90-degree angle at the elbows, typically around 7 to 9 inches above the seat for individuals under 5 feet 6 inches.

Headrest Consideration: Exercise caution with headrests, as they may not align properly for shorter individuals, potentially causing discomfort. Look for chairs specifically designed for short people or adjustable headrest options for a better fit.

In conclusion, prioritize adjustable features such as seat height, depth, arm width, and headrests when selecting an office chair for a short person. Additionally, accessories like footrests and keyboard trays can further enhance ergonomic comfort and support. By considering these factors, individuals can find a chair that promotes proper posture and alleviates discomfort during extended periods of sitting.

Final Words. What is the Best Small Office Chair Model?

That pretty much sums up my review of the best office chairs for petite users.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t think, and I’d buy the Herman Miller Aeron all over again. Although my journey towards the chair was fun, the Aeron Miller is the chair that simply swept me off my feet.

It is expensive, but if you think of it as an investment – it is a worthy one. It offers unrivaled quality and comfort, and it is one of the safest options for an office chair for small people.

  • TOP Ergonomic Choice: .
Moreover, it is the most durable and strong piece on this list, and probably in the world. So, even if you think that it is pricey, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run – thus, it is a worthy investment.

I loved working on it, and I know that you will too.